31 Jan 2014

Ira Hurley District Officers Award for Outstanding Achievement

Ira Hurley District Officers Award for Outstanding Achievement


Presented to an District Officer who has demonstrated integrity and honesty in dealing with members of his/her District, all other members of the AAU, and the public in general; who has assisted in the improvement of his/her District; who has demonstrated that the service to the District has not been motivated by self-benefit or personal gain and that no conflict of interest exists in any AAU activities. Nominee must have been a member of the AAU at the District level for at least five years. Nominees are submitted by their District to the designated committee annually, and unsuccessful nominees shall be considered for three years after their first year of nomination. Requests for nominations will be forwarded to all Districts.

2010 -  Peg Adams - GA

2008 - Charles Glancy - GU

2007 - Jane Miner - NM

2006 - J. B. Mirza - CE

2005 – Rod Seaford

2004 – Sheldon Staubits

2003 Hal Heller - NI

2002 Dave Davis - NI

2001 William Long - KY

2000 Richard Harkins - MV

1999 Jane Puckett - SE

1998 Larry Bergstrom - IN

1997 Carolyn Lambert - CE

1996 Charles Lewis - OZ

1995 Gussie Crawford – OZ

1995 Larry Lederman - WI

1994 Ira Hurley – CE * Awarded Posthumously


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